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"Live From the Basement" is the first studio album by Arlington, Texas native 3Webb, released on June 6th, 2016 through Tr3Town Music.

This album, explains the life and struggles of not only an
underground artist, but also an underdog in real life. Even when you have close to nothing some people want to see you down even lower. Most people sometimes has things to prove to others, and this album gets you into a deeper aspect of why. Act like the world is listening.

1. Live From the Basement (Featuring B. Anderson and TMT Rebel 3:38
2. Underdog of the Underdogs 03:29
3. Bound to Come (Featuring E. Askie) 2:55
4. The Come Up (Featuring E. Askie) 1:52
5. Price is Right 2:30
6. Benjamins 2:43
7. Inspiration (Featuring Voltaire the God) 5:03
8. The Plutocrats Club (Featuring David Pailin & Chaz French) 4:29
10. Star Wars 2:41
11. Prototypes (Featuring Kid Genius and Gump$hun) 5:05
12. Basic Instructions (Featuring Detroit Langston and Mr. 1Hun) 4:49
13. Goin Down (Featuring K. Bell) 4:34
14. Cartape Freestyle (Featuring J. Hill) 4:12
15. How U Feel (Featuring Flo and Vanna) 4:19
16. Amor 3:43
17. Fienin" (Featuring Rahzil) 4:26

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