Fundraising Drive

MusicDetour is 100% not-for-profit. In order to expand the DFW Local Music Archive, we need to raise funds. We hope to raise $5,000 in donations by the end of  2016 to fund two student workers at the University of Texas at Arlington for the Spring 2017 semester. One student worker will work on web-development (coding the website). The other student will work on collecting music contributions and entering them in our digital archive.

Your donation will go directly to supporting UTA students. One of the goals of the website is to give UTA students practical work experience that they can use to gain employment after graduation. Students will be able to place their work on the website in their portfolio, and demonstrate to employers that they have real-world experience. Read More …

VOTE – Nonprofit Music: Bring Power Back to Musicians

Vote-PanelPicker-Idea-TWFor the second straight year, SXSW is allowing people to vote for panels at the conference. This year, I proposed a panel to present at the conference. You can vote for it here. My (solo) panel is entitled “Nonprofit Music: Bring Power Back to Musicians” and I will be talking about the alternative music distribution model that we are trying to build here at MusicDetour. The following is the proposal information. Please VOTE. Read More …


In order to develop and sustain MusicDetour, we require donations from supporters. We have no advertising, and do not sell data from users. MusicDetour is 100% non-profit and housed at the University of Texas at Arlington. Please consider donating to the site to help grow local/independent music.

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Dan Cavanagh



Composer and pianist Dan Cavanagh has garnered numerous awards for his compositions, including Winner of the International Music Prizes for Excellence in Composition 2009 (sponsored by the National Academy of Music), a First Music Commission from the New York Youth Symphony Jazz Band Classic program, Honorable Mention in the 2007 Gil Evans/IAJE Commissioning Program, and Finalist in the 2002, 2005, and 2008 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers competitions. He has also been awarded ASCAPLUS awards for numerous performances of his works each year since 2004. His compositions have been performed at Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Reno International Jazz Festival, the 2006 International Jazz Composer’s Symposium, and many other venues nationally and internationally. He has received commissions from a wide range of groups across North America, including trumpeter John Adler, bassist John Brown, the Kandinsky Trio, drummer Adonis Rose, the Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra, Simpson College, Virginia Tech University, the University of Oregon, the University of Texas at Arlington, the Nova Jazz Orchestra, the Westwinds Jazz Orchestra in Calgary, AB, Canada, Willamette University, and numerous high school and middle school groups. His compositions for large jazz ensemble are published by Walrus Music and UNC Jazz Press. Read More …

iTake-Over Press Release

Book decries methods of the recording industry in the digital age – News Center – UT Arlington.

A new book by a UT Arlington assistant professor reveals how large corporations exploited new technologies to maintain their stranglehold on the music industry.

David Arditi, an assistant professor in Interdisciplinary Studies, wrote “iTake-Over: The Recording Industry in the Digital Era,” published by R&L Publishers.  It will hit shelves Dec. 5.