Fundraising Drive

MusicDetour is 100% not-for-profit. In order to expand the DFW Local Music Archive, we need to raise funds. We hope to raise $5,000 in donations by the end of  2016 to fund two student workers at the University of Texas at Arlington for the Spring 2017 semester. One student worker will work on web-development (coding the website). The other student will work on collecting music contributions and entering them in our digital archive.

Your donation will go directly to supporting UTA students. One of the goals of the website is to give UTA students practical work experience that they can use to gain employment after graduation. Students will be able to place their work on the website in their portfolio, and demonstrate to employers that they have real-world experience. Read More …

Demo by Caliche Burnout

Demo by Caliche Burnout

Out Here in Eternity

Later, Jack

Don’t Make a Fuss

Makin’ Diamonds

Caliche Burnout

Straight ahead rock and roll from Fort Worth, Texas. Featuring current and former members of the Chiefs, Gideons, Ghostcar, Seamus Stout, Suntouched, Rivercrest Yacht Club, and Implulse of Will






Informal Labor in the Sharing Economy: Everyone Can Be a Record Producer

The following is an excerpt from an article I published in Fast Capitalism volume 13.1. To read the entire article, please visit here.

The availability of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) – digital software that allows musicians and producers to record music on a computer – changes the social relations of production in the studio. Much as digital music stores helped to close bricks-and-mortar music stores (Arditi 2014c), cheap DAWs have made large record studios increasingly obsolete. The informality of digital media does not end with distribution and consumption, but extends to labor in the production of digital culture. With digital technology, everyone can be a record producer, but even fewer people can make a living from record production.

Sharing is fundamental to rhetorical discussions of the Internet. Jonas Andersson Schwarz claims “‘Sharing’ has become one of the most telling pastimes of our digital, networked age” (Andersson Schwarz 2013:1). There are four uses of the term “sharing” as relates to the Internet. First, we can talk about file sharing and the gift economy. Matthew David claims that file sharing has “the potential to circulate [informational] goods freely through the Internet,” which he contends could lead to the end of scarcity of informational goods (2010:2). Read More …

Blackgrass Express

1) Firewalkin’

2) Devil on Board

3) Hair of the Dog

4) Madness

5) Hollow

6) No Tomorrow

7) Another Body for the Fire

8) Band in Black

9) Red Gallows

10) One After 665

11) Blackgrass Breakdown

The Phantom Sensation

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, The Phantom Sensation (TPS) gives a new name to Folk-Punk music; “Blackgrass.” This unique genre is a blend between Twangy Folk and Punk/Rock music, often switching gears between traditional sounds and a more gritty feel. Their Southern Gothic narrative tells a dynamic story through a range of emotions and unique settings.

With a new line up and new material, TPS is back in action. Leading on vocals, Brandon and Jessica Burnett create a seamless harmony that now characterizes their sound. Brandon “Broke String” earned his nickname on guitar, after years of breaking strings and writing music, a testament to his passion. On banjo, harmonica, and tambourine, Jessica Marie is perhaps the most versatile musician in the group. On the drum kit, Aaron “Papa Bear” Burke draws much inspiration from his years playing metal music, adding a powerful twist to the already unique sound TPS has to offer. Caleb Dixon, the most recent addition to TPS, gives depth to their music with layers of both subtle and abrasive lead guitar licks.

TPS began 2016 with their periodic Newsletter, the “Blackgrass Express.” For “Fantoms,” the Newsletter is a way to stay informed. It keeps anticipation building for their next full length album appropriately titled, “The Blackgrass Express.” Set in the American South, this concept album takes place in an unknown future. Originally imagined as a stage play, the album is condensed into ten songs that follow unsuspecting passengers imprisoned upon a ghost train. With each song, we learn more of these passengers, all victimized by their own vengeful spirits. This Southern Gothic, Blackgrass Epic is due for release in the Summer of 2016. All aboard THE BLACKGRASS EXPRESS!


Dead Mockingbirds

Influences may be placed upon them, like the Stooges gangbanging the Beatles, but simply put, they’re loud, wild, and a lot of fun. They hit like a summer in Dallas: hot and sweaty. Riffs hang heavy like a wet flag, sticking to the side of your mind and will have you humming hooks for days. A. MUST. SEE.

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GROOVY, FUNKY, HARD PSYCHEDELIC ROCK WITH A SOUTHERN TWANG. NOVAKAIN. Three man rock and roll band out of Grand Prairie and Fort Worth Texas. Read More …