Mean Motor Scooter

Mean Motor ScooterPowerful high energy garage rock trio from Fort Worth, TX. If you are interested in purchasing music, visit Mean Motor Scooter’s BandCamp page. To book Mean Motor Scooter, please contact at



  • Sammy Kidd – Vocals/Guitar
  • Joe Tacke – Bass
  • Jeffrey Friedman – Drums

“Mean Motor Scooter is a badass live band. While the Fort Worth garage trio’s 2015 self-titled debut EP hinted at the intensity the boys bring to the stage, the six songs on the disc failed to fully capture their chutzpah. This past weekend, the band released its new EP, “Naked Brunch/Such a Seducer,” a pair of songs that nails the band’s live sound.

Lead track “Naked Brunch” is a two-and-a-half-minute reverb-soaked adrenaline shot that would fit as perfectly on a Goner Records compilation as it would blasting over the P.A. of an Abercrombie & Fitch. Equal parts self-help anthem and barroom fight soundtrack, the song takes the boys from the stage and places them squarely between your eyes. Pin a medal on anyone who can keep from breaking down crying or punching the person next to him in the face by the time frontman Sammy Kidd’s surf-rock-flavored solo kicks in two-thirds of the way through. The rhythm of the final 45 seconds is reminiscent of Rubberneck-era Toadies.

B-side “Such a Seducer” begins with the type of trashy guitar snarl you would expect from The Cramps’ Poison Ivy Rorschach, setting the tone for Kidd’s howling vocals. Bassist Joe Tacke and drummer Chase Friedman lay down a head-banging rhythm that paves the way to the “la-la-la” sing-a-long of the cut’s final minute.

Clocking in at little more than five minutes, the self-produced pair of songs, which were recorded earlier this year between One Horn Studios (owned by Tacke) and Fort Worth’s Green Audio Productions, represents a major step forward for the band when it comes to both songwriting and recording.” ­–– Jasun Lee, Fort Worth Weekly

“Like a snarling junkyard dog preparing to attack, the massively distorted opening guitar riff to “Gimme What I Want” is a clear forewarning of the sonic antagonism about to unfold. Only seconds after said warning, Joe Tacke’s bass and Jeff Friedman’s drums lunge forth with ferocity, bite down, and drag you into the verse. Once there, singer/guitarist Sammy Kidd bellows rasping vocals that are flawed in all the right ways. His voice confidently strains, breaks, and desperately screams its way through enormously catchy verses and choruses. While Kidd makes his demands, Tacke and Friedman sustain an unrelenting assault of rhythm. The chorus then leads you into an unexpected psychedelic bridge featuring a trippy, reverb-soaked Hammond organ and a fuzzed-out guitar solo.” – Travis Wright, Wright Gear

“This band may be new, though they’re clearly seasoned at being musicians, and until seeing that afterwards, I just assumed they were a band who I just hadn’t heard of before. They ran through their set, which consisted of ten songs, at least one of which Kid noted was a brand new one. It was that song that I felt evoked the rock sounds of an iconic Fort Worth band, as the first few riffs had a Toadies-esque sound. That was the only few, fleeting moments I would even draw that direct comparison, though their music in general did just have a raw, gritty rock vibe to it.” Jordan Buford – The Music Enthusiast